How to keep your windows cleaner longer

One of the most annoying things for homeowners about cleaning their own windows is the streaks that are left behind, or the lint left on the windows from their towels. That is why they pay professionals to clean their windows for them. Today we would like to share how you can clean your own windows to keep them looking their best between professional window cleanings.

First of all, to clean your windows properly you need the right equipment. What do you need? To start with, you need a bucket. You probably already have one that you use to mop the floors or to clean up other messes. Anything that will hold water will work.

Next, you will need an applicator. This can be something as simple as a washcloth or you can pick up a scrubber at your local home-improvement store. They usually consist of a T-shaped handle with a cloth cover.

Finally, you will need a squeegee. These are also available at your local home-improvement store. These usually are not the highest quality but they are usually pretty cheap.

Ready to start washing? Not so fast. You need to make sure you have the right cleaning solution. Now for the super duper top secret window cleaning solution...drum roll soap and water! Wait, that's it? Yep, that's it. Just fill your bucket up with water and add a few squirts of your favorite dish washing liquid. There are lots of other products out there to choose from but since you will probably only be doing this once in a while, dish soap will work just fine. Now soap up your window. After that it's time to use your trusty squeegee.

You want to make sure you start your squeegee on a somewhat dry part of the glass. You can accomplish this by using a towel or dry cloth to wipe one edge. Place your squeegee on that dry section and pull straight down. Wipe off your squeegee and repeat. Once you're finished use a dry towel to wipe the edges of the window. If you leave a mark in the middle of the glass it's usually best to soap up the glass again. Otherwise you run the risk of leaving a spot of lint where you touch the glass.

That's really all there is to window cleaning. Sure, there is a lot of techniques that you pick up over time but that is the essence of it. I hope this has helped. If you have any other questions leave us a comment below.